Atlas Ward Poland | General Contractor

We specialize in comprehensive solutions in the field of investment implementation in the public utility, the industrial, commercial, and environmental sectors of construction.

Our offer includes the execution of buildings in the scope of the building shell (with steel, reinforced concrete and monolithic structures), through being the General Contractor up to realization of the investment in the “design and build” system.

Production Facilities

We have a broad experience in the construction of production halls for various sectors of the economy. We do not set any limits for the hall’s parameters – our facilities are always optimally adjusted to the customer’s activity and needs, taking into account the current state and further possibilities of the factory’s development. We have been designing and supplying production and office halls for 16 years.

Storage facilities

A properly designed (by us) construction of the facility – while maintaining the conditions of the housing, taking into account the local land development plan – it allows to use the warehouse space at maximum, e.g. for optimal distribution of warehouse racks or to ensure the maximum number of pallet places of stored goods.

Production and storage facilities

We also specialize in production and storage facilities, individually adjusted to the specificity of a business and the needs of our customers. As always, we do not limit ourselves to the span, height or number of naves – we are flexible in our approach to each project. We design and supply steel and reinforced concrete halls.

Office buildings

We provide a comprehensive service at all stages of the construction process. We guarantee optimal solutions in the architectural, constructional and technical fields. We have our own Design Studio, equipped with the most modern design tools – for each facility we provide an individual design. The quality of our work is confirmed by numerous awards and certificates given to Atlas Ward Polska.

Shopping centres

Large-surface stores are characterised by a diversified roof and the wall structure due to the need to suspend ventilation, electrical, equipment, etc. We have a qualified and experienced team, which will carry out the complex construction of commercial facilities, while maintaining the strict conditions of the public sites safety.

Servicing centres / car dealerships

During our activity we have built many service halls, car dealerships, sales centers for the well-known brands of trucks, as well as tram and bus depots, etc. Our extensive experience in this field allows us to carry out the task of designing and constructing facilities within this branch without any problems.

Waste sorting plant / Composting plants

Our offer also includes facilities such as sorting and composting plants. Construction of a composting plant in closed halls with high resistance to aggressive environment, construction of a waste sorting plant with sorting equipment, and storage of sorted waste – they all require designing facilities adapted to this type of activity that have met strictly binding standards and requirements. We guarantee our customers the success of this investment.

Recreation centres

We design and manufacture recreational and sports halls, attractive entertainment and meeting places with great enthusiasm- on our list there are squash halls, constructions of ice rink roofs, tennis courts and other sports facilities. And just like in sport, we act quickly and precisely.

Individual projects

Thanks to the fact that we have our own design studio, we have a unique opportunity to adapt to the individual needs of our customers. We do not work on pre designed templates, but we meet the expectations of our customers and implement the most demanding constructions. Need an unusual object? Contact us, we will design and build it for you.

Atlas monitor, the safety managment system of the site

ATLAS MONITOR is an innovative system for automatic monitoring of steel structures for variable loads. It uses an extremely precise, scientifically proven, laser method for measuring the change in deflection of the roof structure. Designed to support the maintenance of large-area structures with steel roof structures, especially for those whose climatic loads are a significant part of the total load.
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