Triple Power Stage Bendary 2019 winners

The Atlas Ward MOTORSPORT team took the highest places in the three annual Power Stage Bednary...

New Porsche
for Atlas Ward Motorsport

A sporty professional, with impressive design and performance, has joined our team. A thrilling rally...

Altas Ward Motorsport wins 7TH ROUND of Power Stage Bednary

The last weekend of the summer holidays was witness to some great sporting moments. During the 7th round of...

Atlas runners remotely in the Company Run: Remote Edition

This is another time when a team of our athletes took part in the charity Company Run – this time in its...

Team Atlas Ward Polska together for Little Warrior Franio

We accepted the #gaszynchallenge! Together, we did ten push-ups and squats for a noble purpose –...

#gaszynchallenge for little Mia fighting SMA

We have been invited by our long-time business partner, Schumacher Packaging Polska, to jointly take up...

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