The 5th Forbes Diamond award
for Atlas Ward Polska

Our company is among the largest companies in Poland with revenues of more than PLN 250 million, which are developing most dynamically in their region. This is a great honour and a real pride for us.

New Management Board Members
Atlas Ward Polska

Tomasz Ślęzak and Michał Muskała, managers with many years of wide-ranging experience gained in Polish and foreign companies, join the Management Board of Atlas Ward Polska.

Forbes Diamond 2022

For the fourth time, we have been awarded the 'Forbes Diamond', cementing our position at the forefront of the most dynamically growing companies in Poland with revenues of more than PLN 250 million.

Certified quality

We prioritize safe and sustainable construction. At every stage of construction, we work within an integrated health and safety management system, confirmed by ISO 45001 certification, and our commitment to sustainable construction and the use of environmentally friendly solutions is confirmed by ISO 14001 certification. The certificates were awarded to us by the International Organization for Standardization.

Atlas Ward Polska Group

Atlas Ward Polska Group:
we are not slowing down!

As a natural consequence of the dynamic growth of Atlas Ward Polska and the many years of building partnerships in the business, the Atlas Ward Polska Group is being established. The Group includes Atlas Ward Polska, Inplag - Installation Expert - and Atlas Energy Polska - a company implementing RES projects. We combine business passion with motorsport, and this is clearly confirmed by Atlas Ward Motorsport and Atlas Ward Speed Academy, also belonging to the AWP Group. We are further strengthening our position as the leading general contractor in Poland. Another accolade, the two 'Forbes Diamonds' awarded to us year after year and the emblem 'Quality International 2020', become confirmation of our skills and the highest quality of our services.

Green construction
and sustainable development

As a BREEAM Certification Body, we are staying the course on green, sustainable construction. Aiming to broaden our knowledge of environmentally friendly solutions and, at the same time, to promote a pro-ecological attitude in the industry, we are joining the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC).

20th anniversary of Atlas Ward Polska
Szczecin Branch

The anniversary year of Atlas Ward Polska is a time of setting new directions and further expansion for the company. Szczecin joins the ranks of the Company's branches, which mainly cover the north-western regions of the country. We focus on sustainable and green construction. We are one of the few general contractors in Poland to be awarded a BREEAM certification body.

Inplag - Installation Expert

The Inplag company is being set up with the aim of providing our investors with a comprehensive range of services and security of investment implementation. It is a highly specialized installation team that carries out external installations, networks as well as internal installations.

AWARD Business Park - own premises
Atlas Ward Polska and the company's 500th project fulfilment

At Zwycięska Street in Wrocław, we have built a prestigious office complex - AWARD Business Park, which houses the headquarters of Atlas Ward Polska. This investment is also the 500th project implementation in the company's portfolio. It has been recognized in wide circles, as evidenced by the following awards: "Lower Silesian Building of the Year" and "Dolnośląski Gryf” [“Lower Silesian Griffin”] in the "Space Visionary" category.

The first two branches:
in Kraków and Poznań

The dynamic growth of the company translates into the need for branches in the Lesser Poland and Greater Poland regions. They have enabled the company's multi-faceted business development in southern and western Poland, as well as the efficient management of multiple investments simultaneously across much of the country.

The first Forbes Diamond
for Atlas Ward Polska

The Forbes Diamond is the culmination of the business successes and dynamic growth so far. It is a distinction awarded by the editors of "Forbes" in cooperation with Dun & Bradstreet Polska to the most dynamically developing companies in the country.

Full capital independence

Atlas Ward Polska, thanks to the development so far and bold business decisions, transforms into a fully independent Polish company, with the management board, whose members become the sole owners of the company. It consists of: Mariusz Górecki, Wojciech Karwan, Rafał Zajączkowski and Arkadiusz Grycz.

Team Atlas Ward Motorsport

Out of passion for the automotive industry, the Atlas Ward Motorsport team was established in 2014. The team consists of enthusiasts who are part of the Atlas Ward Polska company. We take part in various cycles of motorsport competitions, winning new championship titles. Currently, our team is participating, among others in the Porsche Sports Cup Deutschland.

28th September 1999
Atlas Ward Polska is established

Atlas Ward Polska is being established as another branch of an international holding company based in Wrocław.

1980s. and 1990s.
Atlas Ward's international expansion

The dynamic development of Atlas Ward in the British Isles has become the driving force behind the company's expansion into foreign markets. The first branch of the British brand was established in Germany (1984), and the next ones in China (1995) and Ukraine (1996).

Atlas Ward Ltd

In Sherburn, England, the Ward brothers set up Ward Brothers Ltd., which years later - now renamed Atlas Ward - became one of the leaders in the steel construction industry.

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