The five-person staff of ATLAS WARD POLAND gained the name of a tracker! Our team took part in “Tropicie26“. – The Orientation Adventure Rally. It is a rally organized at night, where the goal of the team is to find all the checkpoints located in the forest, perform tasks, charades and quizzes, and to go through the route at the scheduled time.

This year’s autumn edition took place in Wołów. Initially, the great five were thinking about the distance of 40 km, but eventually together they decided to choose the route of 20 km, for which they had 6 hours.

Everything went according to plan. The weather was perfect, just in time for several kilometers of trails and a long, fast march on forest paths.

The team, completing 25 km of a distance in the forest, finished at 4:45, thus gaining 6th place among 33 teams that participated on the route of 20 km.

It was their first common start, but they are already planning to sign up for another one: XIX Strzeliński Rogaining – pieszy rajd na orientację.


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