It was a very busy year for us, and we will remember it especially for the company’s 20th anniversary and new, exceptional investments.

Over the last twelve months we worked on 55 projects, including ones for market leaders such as Bridgestone, IKEA, P3, 7R, Meble Wójcik and Dino Polska. We received a number of prestigious awards, including the Lower Silesia Gryf – Economic Award, Business Gazelles, Forbes Diamond, Construction Creator and the Lower Silesia Construction of the Year. We joined renowned local and national business organisations – the Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce, the Western Chamber of Commerce, and the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

We opened an Atlas Ward Polska branch in Szczecin in order to be closer to our Investors and better understand their needs. In 2019 our team reached 240 employees – including the best experts in the construction industry.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success. May 2020 be equally successful and fruitful for all of us.

Latest projects

Logistic & production complex Panattoni Wrocław Campus 39


Warehouse & logistic facilities with office buildings Panattoni Park Wałbrzych


Production plant GTHR



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