We accepted the #gaszynchallenge! Together, we did ten push-ups and squats for a noble purpose – supporting the collection for Franio Kępa, fighting SMA.

It could not be otherwise – our team responded with great commitment to the nomination of the Doraco Construction Corporation Szczecin team.

We have prepared a special video-report from #gaszynchallenge at the headquarters of Atlas Ward Polska in Wroclaw, we encourage you to watch:

It is worth learning the story of little Franio suffering from SMA, spinal muscular atrophy. Thanks to the collection support on the Siepomaga.pl website, we will help the boy’s family collect funds for gene therapy that will undo the development of the disease and restore the child’s fitness.

This is not the first time that AWP team took part in the #gaszynchallenge. A few weeks ago, together with our investor, Schumacher Packaging Polska, we supported the collection for little Mia.

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