We have just started cooperation with one of the leaders in the development, production, and sale of a home and personal care products, Persan Polska.

In cooperation with the Spanish investor, Atlas Ward Polska will build production buildings, a high-bay warehouse for finished products, a warehouse for products and packaging, and a utility generation facility. The general contractor is also responsible for the construction of an office building, a sewage treatment plant, a set of silos with a pumping station, a fire pumping station with a tank, two gatehouses, and the necessary technical infrastructure.

Innovative technologies

The newly built facility will be a state-of-the-art factory, where innovative technologies will be used in terms of construction, installation, and process. As a general contractor, Atlas Ward Polska will be responsible for the design, comprehensive multi-disciplinary implementation, and cross-sectoral and technological coordination.  

The main buildings of the factory, i.e. production, warehouses, and media facilities, are contained in one building with various roof heights, several floors and have many different fire zones, which presents a significant engineering and logistic challenge.

The largest production units

The facility of the area of nearly 38 000 m2 will be built in Wróblowice, Lower Silesia.

The project, scheduled for completion at the beginning of 2023, will be one of the investor’s largest production units in this part of Europe. Body care and household cleaning products – washing liquids, stain removers, powders, and toilet gels will be, among others, produced in the plant.

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