Our team from Krakow has another challenge ahead – a technologically advanced production hall with an office and technical building, which will be built on the premises of Fabryka Taśm Transporterowych Wolbrom S.A.

WOLBROM S.A. Conveyor Belt Factory – it is one of the most modern factories in this industry in Europe, a leader on the Polish market and a significant competitor for global companies. The oldest manufacturer of rubber products in Poland. As part of the development and expansion of the Wolbrom plant, Atlas Ward Polska will build a facility with a technological line for the production of large-scale conveyor belts in the global mining industry.

The team from the AWP Krakow branch will face non-standard solutions, including specialized foundations for equipment for packaging materials for production (calender with a doubling line) and the foundations of the technological line. In the hall with a non-standard height of 17.5 m, two overhead cranes will be installed to operate the technological line with a lifting capacity of 40 t and 12.5 t and a span of 40 m. power and advanced accompanying installations necessary to support the technology.

Atlas Ward Polska is implementing an investment in Wolbrom as a general contractor in the “Design and Build” model.

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